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This is a human centered design agency. We go out into the field to find the answers to your complex questions. We conduct rigorous analysis of qualitative and quantitative data and present results in a way you can use.

If you want to get technical, our ethnographic methods include:


Applied Anthropology

Qual - Quant Mixed Methods

Historical Backcasting

Participatory Research


Our design methods are based on the theories that have a proven track record of positive change:


Human Centered Design

Serious Game Design

Strategic Forecasting


In addition to practicing our craft, we also teach. We teach core product design courses at Stanford d.School, coach in executive education programs at Harvard Business School, and have delivered numerous talks and workshops at conferences and organizations around the world.

We've worked with some great organizations like:

After three days of sitting and observing  in the print shop on the corner of Shri Krishna Temple Road in Bangalore, our researcher, Madhav, had befriended the shopkeep. When the two struck up a conversation, the customers who were working there at the time became interested and joined in...

The older students noticed our little booth outside of the community college library as they left their class. One was a 60 year old photography student. His wife was taking history classes. Another was a 36 year old nursing student who had dropped out and restarted college three times. The fourth was a single mom who decided to return to school. She told us that she was inspired by her daughter who had just started the second grade...

It's not normal for a researcher to be assisting a surgeon performing a mock knee surgery on a cadaver limb with other European surgeons crowding around and offering advice in a basement in Madrid. But we needed data to design the next generation implant and it seemed like a good starting point...