I'm probably out doing some design research somewhere right now, so please leave a message!

The job, that I do, is research and understand a system to the point where you or I could poke it in such a way that will cause waves to ripple through it, with some appreciation of the consequences that these waves will have.


It's about creating change with a proven benefit.


For example: shadowing a group of trauma surgeons, studying the limitations of metal 3D printing, and writing FDA safety guidelines on the subject, and helping to set up a lab in Europe, all to produce a new method to fix nasty arm and leg fractures.


Or working with busy parents and community colleges, for weeks, to design the principles behind free adult education in Michigan.


Sometimes the work results in a one time exhibit made to drive home a specific message, like how the urban landscape in Bangkok eats away at our anxieties, which ends up influencing others to do good.


I'll let you explore the rest.


I am a researcher and lecturer about design for systemic change. For any project I leverage a network of world class designers and scientists ad hoc. Together we have expertise in: needfinding, UX research, Serious Games, experimental design, futurism, and good ol' fashioned engineering.


I have worked with most of F.A.A.N.G., local governments and businesses around the world, and many specialized organizations. I teach at Stanford University's d.School, UC Berkley, Harvard Business School, as well as provide intensives to those who need it.


Yuri Zaitsev

YZ Design Works


For inquiries email: yuri@yzdesignworks.com

Available for chatting: calendly.com/yuriirl

I design for the hopes and fears and desires of people around the world.