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In a nutshell:


Yuri Zaitsev works internationally from Fortune 500 companies in California to surgical labs in Germany; from cities in Thailand to villages in Uganda. He is a human-centered design consultant who turns confusing and contradictory qualitative data into actionable design principles.


This works tends to feed into product development and marketing, but sometimes accidentally results in pop art installations in Boston Harbor or an exhibit in an office building in Detroit.


His human-centered, foresight work usually affects policy and design strategy. On the practical side, he is also comfortable with all sorts of complicated multimedia from mechatronics (macro and micro), VR/AR, bioengineered implants, and anything that blurs the lines between people and technology.


He specializes in bringing continuous, repeated, innovation to places where people encounter new problems every day. He also teaches participatory design, ethnography, and builds bootcamps for teams who are about to go out into the field.


He is based in Boston, MA, but lectures at Stanford University, UC Berkley, and some exec ed at Harvard Business School.



Yuri Zaitsev



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I design for the hopes and fears and desires of people around the world.