Yuri Zaitsev is an established designer from Boston, MA. While not out in the field, he lectures about designing in systemic, wicked problems at Stanford University, UC Berkley, and in executive education programs at Harvard Business School. He also co-hosts The Listening Lab which is open to the public alongside Nethra Samarawickrema.


The team is also dedicated to helping organizations design better, especially in new and mysterious circumstances. The team specializes in "War Games" intensives that blend design with applied futurism and serious games, which result in clear designs in unclear situations.


Game Design Principles to make cool products and change lives


Getsalt : Curious ruminations on design


Beginner visual training for product designers

The Listening Lab

on-going public workshops


This is a space where people come as they are to learn how to connect with anyone.

We mean - anyone. Especially themselves.


Mostly we cover how to transform hurtful relationships. This could show up as an argument between two family members that has been going on for years. This could show up as warring factions in a community not being able to reconcile their differences. This could show up as a writer criticizing themselves for not being able to overcome writer’s block.


The Listening Lab hosts multiple public workshops on empathy and flow, bridging the gap between NVC and Design Thinking. The Listening Lab works with organizations, communities, and individuals to build programs that enable empathy on a larger scale.

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"The Listening Lab by Yuri Zaitsev and Nethra Samarawickrema" is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Strategic Foresight

War Games Intensive


This intensive makes teams design against each other and study the results in a simulation of the real world. It helps you to anticipate how different, conflicting, forces will influence your ideas and the people you are trying to serve.


It results with design principles that lead to proven benefits and a positive impact. The team has used it in the U.N. to address ASEAN cybercrime, and in the Thailand Institute of Justice to create policies preventing Gender Based Violence.


The method combines our specialty in Serious Games, Design Thinking, and Futurism, with your subject matter experts to develop solutions together. The more complicated the problem, the better.

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