Mini-Series on Design Seeing

I believe in giving back from my education.

Started a publication that teaches design principles from the "ground zero" of design thinking.

This is a mini series on breaking down classic design into simple, actionable steps.

You're never allowed to say "pretty" ever again

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Project Duration: ongoing

Team Size: Just me for this series

Part 1:

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We walk before we run, so the goal for this part is to learn how to see. It sounds basic but before we start changing the world through amazing design, we have to see it and break it down for what amazing design actually is.

Part 2:

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We are bringing a deeper focus on seeing objects for what they are. This is the list of words that 1) describe how your brain parses information from your eyes and 2) helps you to speak about every single detail of what you see.

Part 3:

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We will talk about exactly how the words from part 2 make people rich and why the words matter. We tend to think that value comes from constantly adding new features but more often than not it’s just changing the story. And story, as we have seen, is totally driven by design.

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