CNC Router Table

This CNC Router was made in order to complete a project for a fuel cell start up company. It was used to cut complex channels in a material that would make heat shields in the cell. The table itself used off the shelf parts, an arduino controller, and an open sourced Linux based software. The table had automatic homing and tool path generation.


Full mechanical and electrical design and construction

Freedom Tower Lights

This project was completed during an internship at Philips Color Kinetics. The light system was to go onto the Freedom Tower in NYC. The lights have to emit a consistent glow and be operational in extreme weather.


Corner Unit design and construction

Light and Wiring testing and evaluation

Hydrofoil Bicycle

This water craft was made as a senior capstone project. The craft could travel upwards to 14 mph at a comfortable pace on hydrofoils. The craft was built around a bicycle frame and the modifications included: a new drive system, addition of a propeller, new steering, pontoons for when the craft is not in use, and hydrofoils for travel.


Fluid calculations

Hydrofoil design

Overall construction

Art work

A lot of my work stems from my imagination. Here is a small collection of times when I've done things for businesses and sometimes just for fun.