In a nutshell, I help other's have fun together.

I do this by designing, directing, and teaching.

I mean "fun" is important because it helps us feel emotions, make sense of things, and learn. It's our human nature. I'm someone who knows a thing or two about how to make it happen intentionally. I am an experience designer who focuses on analysis and creatively refining dynamics between people. That was probably the most boring way to describe fun. I am good at breaking down systems and mental models into little base elements which can be redesigned for better behavior.





Here's some stuff that dives a little deeper into all this:

Super Hero Huzzah

This project gives kids agency to play together more. Enough ambiguity to encourage creativity and enough structure that enables play and cooperation.

This is about throwing a viewer into the middle of a rescue operation. Take on a dog's perspective to gain human empathy.

Rescue to Reunion

Silent Disco

I reimagined how people can mix music together to add social interaction to listening.

This is a co-op board game that teaches about climate change and mixes a fun with impending doom to help players explore behaviors, teamwork, and personal sacrifice to save Earth.

An Inconvenient Game

Tactile Display

This is a refreshable braille display that gives the blind a way to feel the world around them by combining microsystems and computer vision.

In addition to workshops, I also write. This is a guidebook that teaches design fundamentals in an actionable way.

Mini-Series: Design Seeing

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