I'm an experience designer that sneaks cultural studies into my R&D.

I combine "how to make it" with "why to make it."

I was formed by the care from developing meticulously regulated class III medical devices in the BioTech heartland of the Northeast, US.

Then forged in ground zero of design mentored by David Kelley, Bill Burnett, and Michael Barry.


Nothing makes me happier than when there is no reference, no precedent, and no clear technological distinctions. What drives my work instead are human needs:

Super Hero Huzzah

This project gives kids agency to play together more. Enough ambiguity to encourage creativity and enough structure that enables play and cooperation.

This is about throwing a viewer into the middle of a rescue operation. Take on a dog's perspective to gain human empathy.

Rescue to Reunion

Silent Disco

I reimagined how people can make music together to add deeper meaning and a fun human interaction to listening.

This is a co-op board game that teaches about climate change by mixing fun with impending doom to help players explore behaviors, teamwork, and personal sacrifice to save Earth.

An Inconvenient Game

Tactile Display

This is a refreshable braille display that gives the blind a way to feel the world around them by combining microsystems and computer vision.

In addition to workshops, I also write. This is a guidebook that teaches design fundamentals in an actionable way.

Mini-Series: Design Seeing

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