Hey! You want to take your designs to the next level? I'm not talking about drawing pretty pictures or folding nice boxes. This isn't about choosing a font in an app. This is about getting unstuck.


I'm talking about the real stuff. This is about getting you to

the next level.

This is how it works:

Step 1

We talk for a while, you tell me how you are doing, and I give you a progress report detailing exactly what you've been doing well, what you should do differently, and what to do next. This is feedback on your process. This is fast and precise. This is remote.

$500 per report

Step 2

Based on how you're doing, I'll recommend some intensive courses. These are optional, quick, specific, and intense! Let's say I believe you could go deeper with your ethnographic interviewing, and you agree, then I will go to you and we will spend 30 minutes going over exactly how to do that. These are made for teams and to fit within a lunch break.

$500 per intensive class ( + travel )

Master Classes

If steps 1 and 2 were somehow not enough, then let's talk. Master classes usually span 2 full days of work and are adapted to your work. None of this is made for beginners, and it is assumed that the team is familiar with design fundamentals.

- Best damn empathy class - Master Class

This is advanced interviewing through to creating a set of generative design principles.

- Creating  real change for real - Master Class

This is about making adaptive culture, creating a vision, and how to lead forward.

- Beyond the future to infinity - Master Class

This is about futurism, discovering opportunities, and getting to the future you want.

$10,000 per master class ( + travel )

So far LevelUp has helped teams across 3 continents. Some teams include:

An intl credit card company

A popular online store

Several banks

A nonprofit working for a state government

A local newspaper

An investing firm

A telecommunications company

A popular fast food chain

To get started, send an email to:

Yuri Zaitsev | yurazai@gmail.com