Super Hero Huzzah

Childhood obesity has tripled in the last 30 years. Most therapists and parents I spoke to agreed that this was "not great."

I wanted to use tech to create a new way for kids to create games themselves.

Many attempts at this end up as glorified score keeping, or don't enable new behavior; they're all about making old behaviors shiny.

This project gives kids agency to play together more. Enough ambiguity to encourage creativity and enough structure that enables play and cooperation.

Super Hero Huzzah

Project Duration: 5 weeks

Team Size: 4 people

Role: Interviews, storyboarding/renders/modeling, code, testing

Coming up with the Super Hero Huzzah

We don't want to create a light bulb for kids to hold while playing tag. I storyboarded an experience that unlocks a kid's super power, where moving affects the color on a super hero symbol.

Tests and Renders

The prototype is an Ironman style wearable medallion that changes color as a kid runs faster. A simple shape, clear affordances, and easy attachment lets kids define how they want to play. Interconnectivity lets kids play with many of these, or just one.

Making it real

We built a 3D printed housing and custom PCB board along with a parent log-in webpage where they could monitor activity.


We tested with some real life kids who quickly created some new variations on relay racing and decided that they only thing missing is the ability for the Super Hero Huzzah to fly.

Yuri Zaitsev |